Since the 1950's, STC has been a reputable solution provider to the Hong Kong laundry market. With a strong track record in the design, supply and construction of major laundry plants in Hong Kong, China and Macau, STC has achieved substantial credibility in the eyes of the market.

                        A successful modern laundry operation is highly dependent on correct machine selection coupled with a qualified systems approach.  We pride ourselves on finding the best solutions to meet our client's requirements through a comprehensive business review and consultancy service.

                        Laundry Equipment

                        STC has the reputation of being Hong Kong's premier company for a complete high-performance equipment range, specializing in both individual unit programs and full turn-key operating laundries.

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                        Project Consultancy

                        Our dedicated Project Management team provides full project design packages.  We work closely with our clients to produce the correct equipment mix and layout taking into consideration budgetary and space constraints.  We ensure effective project management to ensure on-time delivery and cost-efficient solutions for clients.

                        After-Sales Service

                        STC provides a comprehensive Laundry Preventative Maintenance Service Plan with an in-house team of service technicians. We ensure a high level of quality service from the small independent laundry business all the way up to the commercial and industrial levels of operation.  This dedication to client service is, in our opinion, the corner-stone in maintaining our reputation in the Hong Kong and surrounding markets.

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                        Industries we Specialize in


                        We have installed large scale laundries in a significant number of hospitals in Hong Kong and Macau, both in the private and the government sector. Our clients include: 


                        Many of the leading brand name hotels in Hong Kong, Macau and China use our products and services.

                        Commercial Laundries

                        We have supported many of the large scale commercial laundries in Hong Kong.  

                        Universities and Colleges

                        Government/Correctional Institutions

                        Charity Organizations


                        RECENT PROJECTS

                        The following are some of the recent projects we have completed. For a more comprehensive list, please contact us.

                        St. Teresa Hospital Laundry

                        STC provided the design, supply, installation and after-sales service contracts for the central laundry of this 800 bed private hospital processing approximately 1300kg/hr.

                        Key equipment:

                        • Specialized laundry equipment designed for hospitals to prevent infection control

                        • Barrier type hygienic extractor washers

                        • Continuous batch washing system with tunnel washers

                        • Calendaring systems and tunnel finishing system

                        Shum Wan Laundry

                        Shum Wan Laundry is a central laundry (processing approximately 2000 kg/hr.) under the Hong Kong Hospital Authority West Cluster.  This central laundry provides washed linens & uniforms for the Queen Mary hospital among others.

                        Key equipment:

                        • Specialized sorting system and monorail bag system designed for hospitals to prevent infection control

                        • Continuous batch washing system with tunnel washers, batch dryers, barrier type hygienic washer extractors, trolley washing equipment, calendaring systems, tunnel finishing system and pressing machine.

                        Chai Wan Laundry

                        Chai Wan Laundry is a central laundry under the Hong Kong Hospital Authority East Cluster.  STC installed an automatic sorting system to co-operate with RFID technology.  This enables the user to keep track of each garment by scanning the RFID chip.  
                        The garment will automatically feed into the folding machine with a designated folding style. The RFID system allows for reduced labor requirements to handle the sorting and manual feeding and, with the management software, the client can print out the useful reports for quality checking and analyzing purpose etc.