STERIS Decontamination Solutions for compatible N95 Respirators*

                        STERIS Decontamination Solutions for compatible N95 Respirators*

                        The SARS-CoV-2 Coronavirus pandemic has created unprecedented challenges for patient care and staff safety. To provide an immediate, short term solution to the shortage of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), STERIS is pleased to announce the following: The FDA has granted STERIS two Emergency Use Authorizations (EUA).

                        This allows STERIS to temporarily provide two distinct options to effectively decontaminate N95 Respirators* up to 10-times using the:

                        • Non-Lumen Cycle of the V-PRO? Low Temperature Sterilization System (Models: 1 Plus, maX, maX 2, s2, and 60).

                        • STERIS STEAM Decon Cycle in AMSCO? 400 or AMSCO? Century Medium Steam Sterilizers

                        Use the resources below to help navigate through the Emergency Use Authorization.

                        Read more at STERIS …

                        *Specific models of N95 respirators will vary based on Emergency Use Authorization and Instructions for Use. Please reference the respective Instructions for Healthcare Facilities and Personnel for specific N95 respirator models.