STC Pharmaceuticals imports and distributes a range of pharmaceutical products in Hong Kong. We represent a number of reputable manufacturers of branded equivalents and generic pharmaceutical products. 

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                        Ensuring Quality

                        We guarantee consistent quality in all the products that we provide.  All of the manufacturing facilities of the manufacturers we represent operate to international standards and are approved by leading regulatory authorities including the WHO, FDA (USA), MHRA (U.K) and TGA (Australia). 


                        Regulatory Expertise

                        Our strong regulatory team ensures that product registration and tender submissions to the Government are handled with maximum efficiency. 

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                        Maximising Sales

                        Our coverage of Hong Kong's healthcare channels includes public and private hospitals, private practitioners and pharmacies.  

                        We have a professional sales division with excellent relationships with key customers and governmental authorities.  Our team of dedicated sales professionals are all experienced product specialists with expertise in the sales of pharmaceuticals.